The Boat

The Idea - To create a modern classic. To design and build a comfortable luxury motor yacht using the unique underpinnings of a quality wooden vessel. I want to blend modern comforts seamlessly and beautifully in to old school naval architecture.

The last ever - Huon pine is famous for being the wood of choice for boat builders. That was until 1981 when the nearing extinct tree species became protected and logging was severely restricted. Launched in 1975 not only is this one of the last ever large scale huon pine boats to be produced but also one of the last boats built by Halvorsen in Australia before production was moved to China.

To include - The finished specification will feature integrated touchscreen navigation and multi-media controls, automated air conditioning and heating, fully equipped galley and bathroom, LED lighting, 24V and 240V throughout powered by the latest quiet and efficient marine electrical systems.

Custom-made - From the beginning the project has been to give this now historic boat a new lease of life and make it available to buy. The list of owners so far makes for some interesting reading and my goal is to find someone excited about making this boat their own. So far all essential restoration has been undertaken and completed to a high standard. Engine, electrical and steering systems have been calculated and an efficient layout has been designed and mocked up within the bare interior. The next step being to customise all the final designs and details to the customers requirements. This isn't your typical Halvorsen, the eclectic shape this vessel forms today is thanks to the passionate engineering of previous owners to achieve their personal idea of perfection and this is a tradition I intend to adhere to.

The finishing touch - From the door handles to the depth sensor every detail is important when creating something special. My background in re-engineeing Vintage Bentley’s means I am accustom to meeting tight tolerances in both design and finish of high end products. Read the about me section to see my portfolio.

All wooden boats - characteristically, are not easy to maintain, but the extensive use of quality materials like solid bronze stern gear, copper nails and copious amounts of teak, not to mention the rot resistant huon pine, coupled with good craftsmanship and robust engineering will result in a maintenance schedule closer to a newly built yacht than your average, all wooden construction.

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