The launch has a straight stem, rounded forefoot, moulded hull section over a long keel and deep aft deadwoods that house the propeller shaft. Aft end of the keel providing protection for the propeller and supporting the rudder. The rudder shaft passes up through the hull forward of the vertical transom stern.


Rudder -

Balanced cast bronze rudder, heel supported by bronze rivet-fastened gudgeon fitting to hardwood keel extension-skeg. Palm flange bolt-fastened connection to stainless rudder shaft that passes up through bronze grease lubricated rudder shaft lower bearing and tube arrangement and the hardwood horn timber.

Propeller -

Cast bronze 24 inch 3-blade propeller, fastening nut and copper locking pin. 1.75 inch diameter stainless steel propeller shaft with bronze bearing holder and water lubricated cutlass blearings.

Hull -

1 inch huon pine carvel planking, copper nail rove rivet and bronze screw- fastened to sawn and steamed oak ribs.

Decking -

Sprung laid teak planking glued over marine plywood under-deck, with ptf caulked seams. Varnished edge planks and oiled centre planks.

Cockpit -

Solid teak coamings with mirror polished stainless steel cappings, supported on iroko and pine carlins, with plain teak slatted seating and non-slip painted grp-sheathed marine plywood flooring.

Fore cabin -

Solid teak coamings, cast bronze opening portholes. Teak decking glued over laminated marine ply supported by laminated pine beams. Detachable opening teak double glazed skylight.

Aft cabin & Wheelhouse -

Solid teak planked and framed coamings and window frames. Toughened double glazing with the exception of the port and starboard forward windows which are curved single glazed. Painted grp sheathed plywood top supported by laminated pine beams.

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