Design - Exterior

The focus - for the exterior has been to achieve uncluttered, clean lines to emphasise the distinctive navel pinnace shape as well as to provide a blank slate for personalisation and customisation. A simple colour scheme of white and dark blue compliments the rich tones of varnished teak and will contrast well with the highly polished metalwork.

Teak decking - has been added to the fore deck, matching the original 1909 design and replacing the utilitarian painted topside finish. In the process, creating a much more inviting area at the front of the boat. In addition double glazed toughened glass has been fitted the both skylight openings.

Finishing design elements - have been made to integrate the new wheelhouse in the overall design of the boat. Highly polished marine grade stainless steel has been chosen for the railings and other brightwork as a durable low maintience accent feature.

Design - Interior

From front to back the interior design is strongly dictated by the streamlined nature of a steam launch, however without boilers, fuel and steam engine taking up the front half of the vessel, the practical potential is wide open. And with the new enclosed wheelhouse connecting the aft and fore cabins, three uniquely shaped living spaces are now created.

Fore Cabin

Drawn here with v-shaped bunks, a dressing room, shower room and ample storage possibilities, this space has the potential for a double bed, larger bathroom or extra bunks depending on customer requirements.


The wheelhouse is all about the driver, the commanding centrally positioned original brass wheel provides excellent all round visibility with plentiful potential for equipment positioned in front and above the helm. Furthermore easy access to all areas of the boat and an additional bench seat means this will also become the social hub of the boat.

Aft Cabin

The most spacious and dynamic area, I have designed a split level galley and saloon for the aft cabin. The higher dinette and seating allows for panoramic views as well as greater storage potential underneath. While the full height galley can comfortably accomodate a comprehensive kitchen

Every corner of the bare hull has been stripped and re-finished. Where it will be on show the oak ribs and huon pine have been carefully revealed and oiled while the bilges have been generously spray painted with white bilge paint for a durable easy to clean surface. The rest of the interior design fit and finish will be the personal preference of the customer, whether its walnut or oak, original or contemporary, anything is possible.

The drawings and photos on this page are a layout I have designed and mocked up within the hull which I believe not only make the best use of space but primarily are aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing.

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