Paint and Varnish

The re-painting and varnishing has been a major part of the restoration so far and something me and my team have worked long and hard to achieve.

    Before the boat even entered the shed I began researching the best methods and materials, visiting London boat show I spoke with various paint brands. Whilst all companies promote themselves as the best quality, International stood out as the most professional with a very comprehensive range.

    After discussing the level of finish I was looking for they produced a complete paint scheme for the boat, detailing products, coverage, preparations, drying times and application conditions. I was to need approximately 100 litters of paint and even more patients.

    With perfection my goal and working with the body shop at Petersen Engineering, I invested in the same paint gun and preparation equipment we use to restore Bentleys.

    Details of each area below.

Hull Underwater - 36 m²


Prepared with 80 grit this area has been given 6 good coats of Primocon, applied mainly by roller due to the low viscosity. Primocon is a special underwater primer and the final coat of antifouling will be chosen and applied based on where the boat will be kept.

Hull Topside - 30m²


Two luscious coats of Toplac adorn 5 well prepared coats of International Yacht Primer. In keeping with how the boat orginally was the main body is finished in Mediterranean White with contrasting Mauritius Blue water line and strake detail.

Varnish - 30m²


Whilst the scheme recommended one-part varnish for the interior I chose to use the hard wearing two-part polyurenthane Perfection Plus clear varnish both inside and outside the teak wheel house and cabins.

Bilges - 50m²


Paintstakingly scraped, sanded and degreased the bilges were brush painted with four coats of yacht primer, sanded smooth and then two coats of white Daboline bilge paint were sprayed for a smooth finish.

Hull Interior - 20m²


Areas of the hull that are to be on show inside the finished boat have received extra attention, carefully sanded between each oak rib and copper rivet then oiled with Deks D1 to protect and show off the naturally unique huon pine.

Cabin Topsides - 16m²


The wheel house and aft cabin roofs have been prepared and finished solely with two-part polyurethene products for maximum durability and colour-retention. Using Mauritius blue Perfection Professional to match the hull stripes and adding silica sand in areas for better practicality.

Cockpit - 4m²


Non-slip grey Interdeck mixed with a hint of blue was applied by roller to the cockpit floor while the walls and edges have been finished in Mediterranean white to create a spacious, practical area at the back of the boat. 

My nearest Aquafax supplied all the International paint products I needed.

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